Pay per click management

Hello friends, before i started blogging, i browsed my computer. Just take a look of different websites how they designed and its content. As a simple and stay at home mom, i don't have so much knowledge on Google AdWords of how to be marketed. What i thought that once an ads displayed in your website, it does not need to do something to be number one in the search. I started personal blog but i was not contented so i created again until become multiple blogs with different subjects. What i thought that the more blogs and posts, the bigger chances of my websites to be search together with the google adsense. But i found myself wrong of this idea because i earned the same. Actually there are some tips i have received from Google but i don't know how to apply to achieved the highest peak that all my post to be always number one in the search. I am also planning to create a new website for my business but i am sure it will be useless if not in the search ad.. I need someone expert to help me and teach me .
I found in the internet about DeLUxe For business! This company says "Don't Just spread the word about your business. Put it in front of the right people, right time and right place." Yes. its true.. what's the use of advertising your business if not at the right person time and place. Businessmen out there, this we must always keep in our mind before starting a business or if we already running our business. Why not approach De LUxe for Business? they do the right way about ppc management for our business. They have the search ads to find the right person we want to see. Their staffs management are expert to manage your pay per click campaigns and run SEO campaigns as well. You don't have to do anything because they will do the job for you to run your business and do your search marketing.