Electronic cigarette

First of all i would like to give to you the advantage of smoking. I could still say that there is a better purpose when we speak between traditional smoking and drinking alcohol. This two are both vices but if ever i'll choose one, i pick smoking than drinking alcohol. Excessive smoking in public will not display embarrassing attitude unlike excessive drinking. But these two vices, smoking and drinking excessive alcohol are dangerous to man's health. Both are predisposing factor that cause fatal diseases. It is the common cause of health problems like emphysema, heart disease like arteriosclerosis due to nicotine deposit, lung cancer, cancer of the mouth, tongue, pharynx and ,many more. That is the reason why , millions died already because of tobacco smoke. Every year thousands are there died because of this disease caused by smoking. People who died of Cancer of the Lungs are mostly chain tobacco smoker and some died of heart disease like cardiovascular disease. All studies in medicine agree that the lung cancer death rate among men with a history of regular smoking for at least 20 years is approximately 10 times greater than that of men who never smoked. The lower incidence of lung cancer in women is explained by the fact that the proportion of regular smokers is less in women than in men. Actually, as traditional smoking has increased in women, so has their incidence of cancer of the lung increased.
Tobacco smoke can harm children or other members of the family who does not smoke but when they exposed to second hand smoke. This is addictive , despite the fact that cigarette smoking is not allowed to teenagers, they still make a habit until they were psychologically dependence
Well, smoking is for pleasure and as a social tool. It is hard to get away from it since it become already a habit but good news to everyone that there is a new invention like electronic cigarette cigarette. This is an alternative for tobacco cigarette smoking. It is not dangerous to health of smoker and second smoke. You can smokes as much as you want and one hundred percent you will not get health problem. E cigarette carries all the top brands of electronic cigarette all over America. They have a good support costumer service to entertain any questions of the customer or if they met problems of the e cigarette. You may call them anytime and they are ready to help. Their main vision is to help people around the world free from health problems due to traditional smoking.
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