Confined in the hospital for Dengue

Last week my daughter confined in the hospital for five days because of Dengue fever. Dengue is a disease transmitted by Aides aegypti (a day-biting mosquito).
It started an abrupt rise of her temperature up to 39 degrees Celsius. I gave her Paracetamol one tablet every for hours plus other nursing cares like cold compress, alcohol rub, increase fluid intake and bed rest. Despite of these management i have done, her temperature did not subsided so i decided to bring her in the hospital. Laboratory test done the following: Complete blood count, urine test and SGPT (liver test) results was all normal so the doctor advised us to go home and just instructed me (the mother) t0 closely observed for signs of internal bleeding like red tiny rashes , bleeding of the gum and nose, tarry stool and if there is any must have to rush immediately to the hospital.
Fourth day , she's already afebrile but tiny red rashes appeared all over her body. I immediately rushed her to the hospital and the emergency team inserted IV tubes to hydrate her with Dextrose. Laboratory test done again for complete blood count, dengue test and SGPT . The blood count and liver test is not anymore normal and positive for the dengue test. So definitely need to be confined for medical management of Dengue fever. Five days in the hospital with continues Dextrose one liter over six hours intravenously. I was always been beside her attending all her needs. Luckily,my daughter didn't bored at all in the hospital because she's got a lot of sleep unlike in the house before she got sick, she was all consuming all her time of using the internet. Plus the support and visits of her boy friend, her friends, her lola (grandmother) her brother Joshua and her daddy made her so much happy.