Self pity

Supposedly becoming hot weather this time because March month is nearly coming but i felt very cold on nights and daytime as well. I love it better than hot weather because i saved energy from using electric fans. I feel more comfortable going out when it is not sunny. One reason why i avoids hot sunshine is i am using whitening lotion! LOL!!!! it's contraindicated to these whitening lotion. It results to adverse reaction.
When it comes to physical, I get jealous to people who are whiter complexion, they looks always beautiful even though they have a flat nose or bigger lips . Well... many women have a fair, or brown skin color who looks beautiful but sadly i am not one of them....Huh!huh!huh!
Friends, i am just alone today again, that is why i can't think of a better with sense. LOL!!


A Walk Through Life said...

that's okay nanaybelen. i can relate with you when you appreciated cold weather because you can do away with the use of electric fan; although i really can't sleep well also when it's too cold :-) oh, don't you worry that you don't have whiter skin because our natural complexion can give us more protection from the harmful and damaging effects of the sun's UV rays.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

have a happy week..