Unplanned trip to Baguio

At Mines View Park with the Igorots

At Camp John Hay

Christmas Tree of PMA Baguio ( with me are my children Tin and Joshua)

It was an unplanned trip to Baguio last December 27, 2010. We arrived from Manila to Ilocos 3:00 AM to attend a Blessing Ceremony of the new house of my sister for that day. My sister said the blessing is re scheduled so at 6:00AM that early morning headed to Baguio. We don't have sleep yet but my children Tin and Josh were so excited. Its their first time to see this place, known as the summer capital of the Philippines.


mona said...

wow baguio i heard its really cold now in the place. We only visits baguio during summer.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

sarap pumunta ng baguio..

A Walk Through Life said...

wow. i wish someday our family can also have the chance to spend a day or two in baguio. but i wish it wouldn't be too cold so it won't trigger any pain in my joints. good to see you in the photos, nanaybelen. good day