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I am not a Catholic but i studied in a Catholic school which is runs by Catholic nuns when i was in high school. There, i used to see and smell an incense every time we attended a mass in the church every Friday. The priest used the incense to bless the Altar when he ascends before the mass starts and during the offertory to bless the bread and wine, the crucifix and the congregation. The priest uses the incense in some other instances like the benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, during funerals and to bless things like house (most often new house), new restaurant, new building or new company and etc. And the second time i saw an incense was when i was in Saudi Arabia. I think they used the incense for as their traditional air freshener. Other countries uses the incense for other purposes like those decoration accessories, spas and many more. That is the reason now a days that there are so many incense available in many stores whether big store or small store. Variety stores made it sure that they have incense always available because because there are always a client coming in looking for an incense specially k2 herb. You can find the best k2herb only at REAL K2INCENSE only. From all the incense store around the world, their products is entirely different because extremely popular incense due to its awesomely potent and amazing aromas. K2 incense is made up of an exquisite blend of herbs and spices which creates a heavenly scent at just the right mixtures and most of all are very affordable in price. If you wish an added income, Real K2 Incense welcoming those client of incense or those who want to start up a business on retailing or whole sale k2 incense . Whatever your products in your store it is no problem to display some k2 incense products like k2 ultra. Clients will immediately and not think twice once they have seen the k2 incense products for sale in your store . You'll be also proud of selling incense because these k2 incense you are selling are guaranteed original and reasonable price.