Last night, I didn't sleep early because i 'm waiting for my son who attended a Christmas party. It was around 3:00 AM when i heard an unusual sound from outside. I peep through our window and saw a man trying to splashed the windscreen of our neighbor's SUV car. The car was just parked in front of their house while all my neighbors around including the owner of the car were deeply asleep. I reported through phone to the barangay tanod (police) what i have seen. They came and the theft caught in the act. Once i reported i closed our window and did not show up to the arrested theft , he might realized that i am the one who called for the barangay tanod and will get back to me. I am scared.
The following morning , my neighbor (owner of the SUV) knocked my door with a large sliced of cake (Red Ribbon) THANKING ME OF MY CONCERN .
If i didn't called for the officials, their car 's windscreen splashed totally and their valuables inside might all be stolen.


JENIE=) said...

salute to you!!!

its just in us...we can't help ourselves when it comes to helping people. Filipino's are simply warm and caring ;)