Survivor Philippines: Endurance Challenge

Wow!! Survivor Philippines Celebrity showdown is an addicting show. I am watching regularly and never missed any single episode. Solenn Heussaff, Aubrey Miles and Miko Aytona became my instant idol last night. Big big clap for them. Jon Hall's excitement to vote out Aubrey on the tc ruined after the challenge. At first, win or lost is nothing for Jon and Michelle because they have agreed that Aubrey is their next target to vote out . Luckily and unexpectedly, Aubrey was the last member of their tribe still standing for the endurance immunity challenge against Solenn and Miko of Nagar Tribe. Richard Gutierrez offered immunity bracelet to Aubrey and she accepted to save herself from the tribal council. Michelle and Jon Hall are now quarreling. ...Oh my gushhh!! they are taking the game seriously. Can't wait to watch this evening and tomorrow.
Congratulations Guys!! Each one of you successfully contributed spices for the show. This show is number one!!!

itlog challenge


Anonymous said...

nice one... i missed this episode. thanks for the update ;)