High quality ink cartridge

Hello friends. Hows everybody? Hope everything is fine. Yes friends, survivor mom is fine too. My kids are doing fine and i am happy that my life is lighter now than when my kids was when they were very young, lots of hardship that i've been through. One thing that i can't forget was my fear of not able to teach or help my children to do their assignments because of the trend today that at early schooling uses already computer and internet. And that was never in my time of schooling, we have never been exposed to computer specially that my course was on nursing so we didn't study computer at all. Everything was manual, we spent time in the library to research, read books and copy by writing word by word all those we needed. It was really time consuming and i can't imagine how patience the students before compare today's students. Just through the computer and internet all their projects , lessons and assignment can find at their finger tips.
I bought computer for my kids as they wanted so that they can catch up with their lessons and they themselves only who operates because i was really totally computer ignorant that time. ( Actually they are the one who patiently taught me how to use the computer and the steps to start a blog.) I was really amazed how they print pictures, photos and other topics for their project materials. They make it so easy with the use of printer with inject ink cartridges. I thank my kids that they knew what brand of printer i should bought plus the ink cartridges. Well, it should be fit with the brand of printer and the model.
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