Hello friends! Hows everybody? Thanks for dropping to my site. You know ? I can't update my site everyday now because i've been so sickly for two months now. First it started with plantar fascitis then cough for two weeks long and now severe headache. I am afraid to consult a doctor anymore, i am sure they will advised so many laboratory examination and x'ray again before prescribing medication. That is how the doctor diagnose their patient now a days, even simple complaints they just rely always from the result of the laboratory and x'rays and other test before giving treatment and medication. Those procedures are very very expensive. You will become more sick if you are thinking of each price of the examination treatment and medicines including hospitalization expenses. I thank God, that i have health insurance including my two kids. It is a big financial help and relief for the whole family, in cases when one member of the family got sick. You just only pay a very little amount in monthly basis or depends on the term you prefer but once you got sick you will not bother for hospitalization and treatment expenses anymore because medicare covers 80% after you pay your deductible. .
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