Diamond rings

It is really exciting if a man whom you loves so much will give you an engagement ring. An engagement ring is a ring worn by a woman indicating that she is engaged to be married. It is a symbolic form , the ring is presented a betrothal gift by a man to his prospective spouse while he proposes marriage or directly after she accepts his marriage proposal. It represents a formal agreement to future marriage. Wow!! so lucky that girl.. men out there! there are beautiful and elegant engagement rings from this link.
Traditionally, in many cultures the groom buys the ring secretly and presented plainly to his bride when he proposes. Now a days most men surprises their future bride after he decided that he wants the woman to be his lifetime partner. He will ask the girl a dinner date. There's a cake ready where he kept the ring and let the innocent partner to slice the cake. So sweet and romantic style of proposing.
Couples now prefer Diamond engagement ring because everybody knows that diamonds are forever! A symbol of perfect and forever love.
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Prettymom said...

i'd love to have my diamond engagement ring soon :-)

compression socks said...

Thank you so much for letting us know about this! I must say that you are a very dedicated person to have written a wonderful post like this!