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I think why survivor mom able to survived from all the hardship been through. I remember when i was still a single lady, instead of shopping for clothes and personal accessories upon receiving my salary every payday, i used to shop for home appliance or anything bathroom , living room, bedroom and kitchen accessories. I did that every pay day and completed almost everything needed for one house before i got married. One thing i bought that until now makes me wonder, like those king size comforter, king size bed sheets plus pillows and pillow cases. LOL! that's how i was ready to be a wife. I was so positive that my marriage if ever will be forever but unfortunately wrong because my hubby gone after two years of marriage. But believe me all those comforters and bed sheets are still alive Ha! ha! ha! They comfort me during night without a husband. I can sleep well with these soft comforter and even my children who are teenagers now had also noticed the durability and softness of these comforters. I used also the comforter as mattress pad of the crib of my babies when they were young. They don't cry when they woke up because they feels comfortable.
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