No medical examination required for life insurance

One investment that usually an individual made for his future is insuring her/his self while younger capable to pay. Everybody expected to die but we don't know when. It is better to buy an insurance term as soon as possible when we are already working and earning. Once you bought one you have the peace of mind specially if you are the head of the family, that your beneficiaries (love ones) have already a prepared protection is case of death. Many people died unexpectedly without life insurance for some reasons. First, they don't have time to work for medical examination required by the insurance company, second is they believe that they are still too young to avail such life insurance. And the third reason for not getting an insurance is not affordable.
Personally, my personal reasons are all of the above. I have no time to wait my turn to call by the doctor from a long queue and another queue for Xray, laboratory for blood extraction and etc. I felt also uncomfortable of submitting my urine and stool.
I am glad to know that there is now an insurance agency called No Med Exam Life Insurance. It does not require medical examination anymore and does not require you to appear in their office anymore. Just search their website in the internet and apply online. Just fill up their form like your name, address, age and some of your information. You will pay also online and print out your policy. It is just like that, so easy! Unbelievable isn't it? Click the link i have provided for you for further information and details.


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