Halloween Decorations

Halloween is fast approaching. Two months more, it would be halloween again.That is usually the evening before All Saints' Day; often devoted to pranks or scary played by young people. I am sure everybody is exited to have the halloween party. Is your costume ready? Well..when i passed by the mall just this morning, i noticed that they are outfitting the mall's entrance with new halloween decors. The new outlook of the mall with something scary as usual every year. But decors looks the same as last year, I hope they will put more since they are still busy doing.
My teenagers love decorating also our house with halloween decorations every year and last year they hung an improvised big skeleton in our terrace with some props to make it more scary. My kids just wanted to scare our neighbors specially the children. I was happy that my kid's creation was enjoyed watching by the children and other neighbors.
It is great.. if we contribute HalloweenDecoration Ideas too. It is more exciting if everybody participate on the halloween night with halloween spirit in your community. And no wonder, young people now a days always create a new and unique halloween decorations every year that's the reason why other people are interested for the upcoming halloween. They are excited to see what's new ideas, designs and styles of costumes and accessories for the halloween party.


JENIE=) said...

how time flies...seems like only last week that it's halloween. soon it'll be christmas decorations...

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