Eat nutritious foods to avoid deadly diseases

"Prevention is better than cure". This is what i learned from my professors when i was in college. This principle is completely correct. Because i witnessed the good health and long life of my folks who lived in small villages when i was young. There was no hospitals or clinics nearby but very very seldom you heard or see an individual with a condition of heart diseases, diabetes , overweight or cancer patient. The reason having a perfect health and fitness was , they eat nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables which contains high in fiber and other foods from the villages that are naturally rich of antioxidant. But now a days, processed foods or flavored foods are easily supplied in the remote areas and that people are also now used to eat them. So there is the tendency that the food they now used to eat now a days are low in antioxidant content and more people are now become over weight and they are prone to heart diseases and other deadly diseases.
Researchers studied that eating foods high antioxidant content can always do something good for the circulatory system of the body and promotes good health of the heart. Eventually an individual does not suffer cardiovascular disease and there is no reason to buy medicines in the drug store. Therefore, Nutritional Lifesavers always obtain from natural nutritious foods and not from a processed or formulated products. We must eat the right foods and nutritious foods if we want to avoid deadly diseases and if we want to have a long life.


Lawstude said...

korek nay. veggies and fruits should be part of everyday diet.