Got a referral Fee

My budget for this month is drained and still two days more. I am bothered since this morning and as usual i am alone in our house day dreaming for an instant money when my telephone rang. I pick up the phone and said "hello?" The caller relied "Hello ma'am yung referral fee nyo ay ready na at pwede nyo nang pick apen anytime." (Your referral fee is already ready and you can pick up anytime). The check worth 33,00 pesos ($756). She's the sales agent from a condomineum development corporation. Two months ago i referred a buyer to her and luckily this friend of mine attracted to the location and type of building at once. She had seen several condos already but she was in love at once to the unit i have recommended. I got one unit here. Not a luxurious one , just simple but decent. I don't really expect that i earned as much like this while i never intend be a realty agent. She just called me by phone wanted to meet me and see the condo i have and fortunately she wanted to buy one also. And the sales agent is very generous to share with me her commission.
Again.. this is an unexpected blessing that i never expected and never prayed for. I prayed to God everyday since this year to win lotto but i didn't. God gave me a blessing (money) in other way.