Tuna steak

Hi friends. It's again Wednesday. Hay!!! time flies so fast. I went to wet market. I found out that price of tuna fish are cheaper these days. Usually the price is more than P 200 per kilo but today it is P160.00 per kilo. Its a big difference and i noticed there is tuna available in every fish stall. It is time for me to take the opportunity to buy and eat tuna as much as i can because i"ve been longing to eat tuna fish at least two or three times a day. . I like very much and many people said and also in the advertisements that tuna is very nutritious and contents omega 3 which is good for the heart. Good for me because there were times that my cholesterol level is slightly above normal and my blood pressure as well.
I bought one kilo but i cook one third of it because we are only three in the house and i kept the other two thirds in the refrigerator.
I marinated with calamansi juice (lemon juice), soy sauce, oyster sauce. dash of pepper and minced garlic for one hour .
I fried the fish halfly with combination of vegetable oil and butter. After frying the fish , i removed from pan and set aside.
Fry some onion rings just slightly like when the onion rings separated to each other and you may set aside.
Return the fish in the pan , put the left over marination and little water enough to cook the tuna fish.
When cooked and become saucy remove from pan and put in a plate , scatter the onion rings over the fish. Serve hot. This is a tuna fish steak!