Summer is over

Wow! It's now raining every afternoon. At least the weather is cold specially at nights. For those who have no air condition at home like me having now a wonderful sleep . It's very delicious to sleep! I can't imagine how we have endure the two months hottest temperature 38 degrees Celsius and above everyday for the last two months. Lucky those who have air condition in the houses and those working in the office with air conditions, at least they don't feel the hot temperature during daytime when they are at air condition job site, they only felt burning inferno when they goes home. LOL. Undeniable most of us Pilipino households have no air condition. Of course we, can't afford to buy the gadget and the energy consumption.
Now rainy season begun, but my fair now is the floods. I started putting our stuffs at upper places. I must be ready for anything like what happened last year in some places of Metro Manila. MM was devastated by typhoon Ondoy last year. Luckily, water didn't enter our house but my fear now is our drainage system in our vicinity is full of mud, sand and garbage from the construction site of new condominium nearby. The rainwater rises fast along the street with slight rains again. Barangay Chairman is not doing anything for it. I hope there will be no typhoon Ondoy part 2 .


atayala said...

Hoping for no Ondoy part 2 too.

Deidre G
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