Replica Cartier

The glamorous and extravagant watches from Cartier have won the hearts of men and women all over the world. Connoisseurs and celebrities alike make a beeline for the latest offerings from this formidable brand. Louis Cartier, the creative genius behind the brand name, first made headlines with his Santos wristwatches for men.

One by one Cartier’s designs created a furor in the upper echelons of fashionable society and soon he was setting up shops in London, Moscow and New York. Several of his designs such as the Baignoire, Tortue, Pasha and Tank went on to become classic symbols of wealth, luxury and good taste. The perfection and accuracy of Cartier watches are assured by its movements which come from renowned Swiss manufacturers – Vacheron Constantin, Le Coultre, Piguet and Movado being some of them.

Cartier inscribed four digit codes on his watches for easy reference. To this day collectors and experts rely on this code to verify the authenticity of a true Cartier. The brand brings out watches in gold, steel, gold and steel, platinum and titanium. They even offer three choices or versions in gold – yellow, white and rose. Whatever the material of their fa├žade, Cartier watches has been traditionally worn by royalty, celebrities and billionaire businessman. And with each sterling new design they introduce Cartier adds more illustrious names to its already enviable clientele.
Last year Cartier came up with a watch with a square case. This season they have given the design new life with the Rotonde de Cartier watch. The skeleton dial with Roman numerals makes it a modish fashion statement and the flying tourbillion adds to its exclusivity. Designed to counter the effects of gravity a tourbillion is a challenge for watch makers and its presence hikes the prices to tens of thousands of American dollars.

Owning one of these exclusive Cartier watches is everybody’s dream, if only the atrocious prices did not stand in the path. A way around the problem is the replica Cartier. A Replica Cartier provides us all the advantages of an authentic Cartier watch while being light on the wallet. It is also safer to carry a moderately priced replica Cartier than a priceless original.


Lawstude said...

tama nay. pag pupunta sa malayong lugar, mainam na replica na lang para kung mawala man ay di gaano malaki ang loss :)