My baby makes me happy..

I could not describe what i felt today. As if my heart breaking into pieces. I can't help but i have to be very very strong. My kids still needs me though they are already adolescents. Ohh!! how i wish to be like a baby. A happy baby who is free from pain, feed properly, and well cared that all needs attended. I wish like them right now. To lessen my hearaches today i better open and watch our family album. This makes me smile though just a while.

This is my baby when she was (3) three months old. This picture taken nineteen years ago. She's very sweet and innocent. Thank God! she was very normal with her growth and development. At three months old she can already raise her chest, supported on forearms when in prone position. That's my baby, she turns her head and looks in same direction to locate the sound. She can't sleep without music. I used to turn on softly the radio if she sleep. She was a smiling child, sweet and innocent.