Internet Radio

Hello folks out there! What do you do most at home? For me, i do the household chores with my radio on always at my side. The radio is always been my companion at home everytime i am alone when my kids are not in our home. I always hear the radio about news up date, talks about health and home, agriculture, religious messages, music, showbiz and many many more. I can't imagine how " survivor mom " survived the hardships of being a single parent with two kids. Of course, it was very painful at first, deep inside my heart is hurtin' but i am consoled and able to moved on by listening the radio everyday instead of crying. Believe me, this is the cheapest way to moved for failed marriage specially if you are not financially equip.
Great! Internet Radio is now online. I am an avid fun of Michael Jackson and i am following all the news about him and family i heard his father Jo Jackson was featured once in the Internet Radio. Ohh!! I missed this issue, I hope my son can fix my internet so that i can follow all the newest news on entertainment and other online radio shows live and i can alsowatch and listen the Popular Internet Talk Radio. Most often , if there's a topic which is something interesting to me, i am have to search in You Tube if there's someone uploaded the topic.
Friends out there , you can create your own online radio show using your computer. And to know how? Just click the link i have provided for you and you will also get some further information from their website.