Forgot the Key

I was already in the church before 8 AM. I was there for the praise and worship service when my son called me by my cellphone. Urgently wanted me to go home and bring the keys he needed and met him somewhere in Alabang . I felt worried, by this time he should be in the province, but i keep calm. It's his first time to travel alone to his father's hometown. He forgot the key. Nobody's home there and the house is locked. It is no use to go there if he can't enter the house. Good thing, he remembered the key while still almost outside metro Manila. He went down from the bus and waited me to the nearest bus stop along the south expressway.
I don't want to blame or say bad to my son. It is his first time to travel alone and first time to start to do the task assigned by his father to him while his father is out of the country. Actually, this is good experience for my son and his father is also guiding him now unlike before that totally abandoned him. It is now the time that my son should learned many things and should always ready to make solutions for any problems arrived to his life whether large or small. May God Bless my son and my daughter too.


the donG said...

funny. funny. because this happens to me at least twice a year. i usually dont bring a key.