Fish Ball

I am hungry. I need to take my snacks now. Bread and sandwich spread available in my kitchen but i don't feel like eating them. I am longing for something i can't understand. It s good fish ball vendor passed by. I craved immediately. It's been a year didn't eat fish ball because there were some announcement avoiding people not to buy fish ball in the street. The sauce are contaminated with Hepatitis virus. But my saliva start to droll so i bought fishball and eat. It is very delicious and i am okay.


Tey said...

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the donG said...

hahaha... mamatay naman daw sa acid ng tiyan. kakatuwa naman nanay belen. dati kumain na rin ako pero sumakit tiyan ko. kaya piling pili na ngayon sa mga kakilala na lang.

josie said...

hello, thanks for dropping at my newest site. same here I'm also drooling with fish ball, i love the sauce, I tried to make it in my kitchen but can't duplicate the taste. LOL..