Eggplant omelet

Hello friends! What's your viand today? LOL! I made Eggplant omelet this evening fo our dinner. How did i prepare it? Well, i am not proud to write it because i know that my fellow filipino knows it very well this recipe. If you know how to prepare scrambled egg , next you will learned is eggplant omelet or any kind of omelet. For those who are does not know, this is how.
Grill the egg plant and remove the skin. I mean peel off the skin and set aside.
In another plate, beat the egg and pour to the eggplant. Egg must evenly mix with the eggplant.
Heat little oil in a pan and cook one at a time the egg plant. Cooked quickly to prevent over cooked and turned upside down to cook other side.


Anonymous said...

nay, try nio po lagyan ng sibuyas yung egg para sa eggplant omelet nio.. it taste better po (if u love onions).. namiss ko po blog nio :D..