Answered prayer

My son is now fourth year in college. I know he really needs a net book. I know he is shy to tell me because he knows i can't afford to buy one yet at these time. I am praying that soon i can buy one.
Yesterday, my sister called me that i'm gonna meet her in Megamall before going home to our home town. Manny years we had not bond together. We took our lunch in a restaurant which not so much crowded. The food quite little expensive but the place is nice and solemn. We had a nice meeting and shop around after. Unexpectedly she told me that she already bought a net book for my son. She will give on first week of next month. Ohh! This is the answer of my prayer. I prayed so much for this. I ask God to give me more opportunities or profit so that i can buy net book for my son. Opps and profit didn't improved so i was already worried. I am unaware those time i was worrying, the net book is already bought by my sister intended for my son. God is really so good. She will answer our prayer in his own way.