Noynoy versus Villar: Go Baby James!!!

Baby James innocently chants the name of his uncle's opponent "Villar" infronts of a big crowd in Bacolod City. Baby James is not naughty but he's just a talkative and has a good memory being a less than two years old child. He is very intelligent at his age. I don't agree that he should be called as a tactless boy like her mother Kris Aquino. His behavior is very much normal and adorable child. I prefer a child who talks or responds automatically infront of thousands of audiences rather than a child who is shy and afraid of people and do not say anything.


rjs mama said...

funny baby james. there's even a photo of baby james circulating in facebook holding a "i love villar" sign :)

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Anonymous said...

The Inquirer’s front page today [April 8th] headlines “Noy to Manny: Don’t exploit Baby James.”

Moreover, in an interview with ABS-CBN about the incident, Kris Aquino-Yap said, “Spare my son from Politics. Let him live a life of a 2-year old."

Look who’s calling the kettle black. Senator Aquino, YOU and your sister were the ones who dragged your nephew to appear in that awful commercial in which you performed a rap number. YOU and your sister were the ones who dragged your nephew in the dead of the night to appear on-stage in a political rally.... See More

And now you dare say that Senator Villar is the one exploiting your nephew?!!

Senator Aquino, your skewed reasoning shows that you are, indeed, in the words of your commercial, “walang bahid walang duda” — that is, walang bahid ng katalinuhan at walang duda ang kamangmangan!!!

Kailangan ng bayan ang isang Pangulo na may kakayahan at malawak na karanasan.

The Presidency is NOT an “On-the-Job-Training” position!!!

Lawstude said...

that was really funny. i am for G1BO. i hope he holds on.