Less offer this month..

I got only few task this month. Wondering why. I am used to make paid post everyday but this time only once in two or three days. These makes me sick because i am not used having zero offer a day since i started writing paid post. I'd rather spend most of my time watching videos in You tube while waiting for opportunities. I enjoy watching all the videos of Michael Jackson, Charice and Barbara Stressand. During the 80's Barbara and Michael are already popular and i like their songs so much but never been watch any concerts not even in tv before. I don't expect that i could watched all their concerts in You Tube now. Though Michael is already dead, if you watch him in youtube, including his previews concerts, rehearsals, interviews, his life and family, controversies and achievements as well, I feel like i am watching live Michael Jackson. It is hard to believe that he is already dead. No one can dance and sings like him. Also Barbara and Charice. I like their voice . Super!!


Prettymom said...

for sure opps will come in time.. you've got a high PR..

Lalaine said...

hello nay, how's life?

wait ka lang ng opps... baka natraffic lang :D