My son and his friends..

My son and his two friends hang out in our house last night. They play computer games the whole night. They even ordered Yellow Cab pizza at 01:30 AM. They gave us two big slices of pizza too. One for me and one for my daughter. I am upstairs with my daughter, we can't get a nice sleep so we just talked almost the whole night about so many things while my son and his friends played downstairs. My son looks very happy playing with his friend at home. Very visible from his facial expression. I allow them here to play even overnight since their class ended and they are on vacation. I like them playing with friends in my home rather than play in other places that i could not see them. They are safe in my house, so there is no problem even though they produces loud noise when they are excitingly playing games.


the donG said...

that's a good move nanay belen. i too was trained that way where we were given all the best toys for us to stay at home and bring our friends. but of course i was also allowed to go out and visit my friends house as well.