Jennelyn Mercado in YES magazine April 2010

I woke up late yesterday and i just found my body all over in pain. It is a muscle pain, i think lack of exercise. I do sit infront of the computer for the last couple of days. I really enjoyed reading of other's personal blog and viewing concerts of International singers and local celebrities. I like local celebrities most is Jennelyn Mercado. She's beautiful but sometimes she's moody according to the reports written by other press people. I do understand if she's moody because she's a single parent. As a single parent, you can't avoid thinking too much about the future of your child. Some question in mind that can't be avoided and makes a person easily irritated.
Ow ! yes.. i bought "YES" magazine yesterday, May 2010 edition. Jennelyn Mercado and her son Alex Jazz are on the cover and her house featured at Celebrity Home section of the Yes magazine. There are also some nude photos of Jen when she was still pregnant to Jazz. Very nice.


Lalaine said...

must see that magazine! hehe =D

JENIE=) said...

really?! haven't seen it...

i applaud mom's who have photos of their belly while it's ssssoo big;)