Election period...

Hi friends! I hope you can be patience of my blog . It is just like a variety store. LOL. It's funny! I am posting anything topic under the sun. Yap! my last post before this post is about popular and quality gun. I accepted this offer and post although there is an ongoing Gun Ban in our country. DILG Memorandum on the Gun Ban throughout the campaign and election period. I think from January to May 2010 , carrying firearms in prohibited here in the Philippines except those in the military and police. I still hope that there will be a peaceful election on May 10 201o.


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Yen said...

OO nga malapit na talaga ang eleksyon, Did you heard about 3 day nationwide fasting po? Sana maging maayos ang halalan natin dito.

Mayweather vs Mosley said...

I hope the uber expensive automated polls does its job