Cervical Collar

Diving accidents, vehicular accidents and or any incident causing the head struck with heavy objects are the main cause of fracture, dislocation, or traumatic injuries of the neck. There is a danger from cervical vertebral fractures is injury to the spinal cord, which is this area is relatively large, and injury to the spinal cord may produce paralysis of the entire lower body. Because the injury result from crushing of the cord by acute hyperflexion of the neck, Immediately placed neck collar so that the neck must be extended and the head must be well back to position. A cervical neck collar is an orthopedic piece of medical equipment used to support and reduce the fracture as soon as possible and prevent cord damage. Most often used by the emergency medical personnel to victims of traumatic neck or head injuries. It is also used to treat chronic medical conditions.
Fracture, dislocation of the neck is painful. Cervical collar prevents further damaged, helps to realign one's spinal cord and relieve neck pain. Cervical collar are also useful in the treatment for sprains, strains or whiplash.
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