Back to my school..

During my elementary days, me and my cousins walk down one kilometer to reach our school. We don't even bother to bring food for lunch instead we go home during our lunch break 11:00AM to take our lunch and back to school again before it start in the afternoon class at 1:00PM . All in all i walked 4 kilometers everyday, that maybe the reason why i didn't grow tall. My height is only 4feet and 11 inches. My legs are big and short like palo-palo . LOL! Compare these days all kids should start pre school and can't go to school without transportation service , huge tuition fees and so many books required. During my time, we start grade one instantly at six years old and we have only one book (ABC Book), one black pencil and one pad of grade one paper. I remember that our grade one teacher was an old maid and very strict. She will get mad and shout at us if we can't follow the lesson or if we are not attentive. Government teachers during our time were very strict and determined to teach students with sense of responsibility, they make sure that every student can follow the lessons.


the donG said...

my nephew is just three years but he's now attneding school. though most of what they are doing are playing but somehow i saw the good side of having them study early through playing.

ME said...

God's Blessings.. Thanks for visiting...Interesting post.. Now I remember also my grade school days. I remember I don't have umbrella so when its rain I used banana leave.. Oh.. what struggle experience.Now a days kids dont want to go to school w/o(baon) plus certain amount of money..