Trading option

Due to hardships and bad economy most people are tremendously worry how to survived. Not only worried for today but for tomorrow and the future of their children. Just imagine, the abrupt closure of companies where people employed which where they're getting their bread and butter for the family. Like your's truly Survivor Mom, is obviously affected when recession started early year 2009. I have small business and my sale decreases three times last year. My online earning from blogging is also decreased to 50%. That's a big bucks lost to an ordinary single mom. How much more those who were not ready and those who has children to go to school? Those breadwinners who has babies obliged to feed them with milk every four hours a day? There is no cheap formula milk at these time. If no hiring, there is no work and no earning. Why not try trading options ? One of my friend's husband shifted to small business when he lost his job as repairman in an Automotive shop. He bought second hand cars specially those old model which are not running. He bought in cheap price, then repair and repaint by himself until looks new and runs smoothly good. It was salable specially to his friends and friends and relatives of his friends who can't afford to buy new car. His capital not only doubled but tripled or more because cars are very cheap if not running or if already old. This man make so much money out of it. Now, he bought a wider place for his automotive repair shop plus his new car accessories store. Buy and sell is a good business. You will get a consistent returns and possibility to become a millioner if you know how to start, operate, continue and expand .