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I feel like going out, I wish to go around the mall, I want a changed because i could not hear any noise from outside our home. I miss the noise of children used to play near my home. Where are these neighbor? They may gone for summer vacation. Very silent now in our vicinity. I wish i could also go somewhere but it is impossible for me to go for vacation. Vacationing is very expensive. I am keeping my money tightly because i am paying my monthly amortization of the condominium unit. How i wish my lotto ticket will win tonight. LOL! I think the jackpot tonight is more than 50 million pesos. I purchased this ticket in an outlet when i was having my walking exercise.


the donG said...

i too wish i win a lotto. kahit 1illion lang but i dont play lotto. kaya hindi talaga ako mananalo.

febtian said...

good postgan:)