Support Navy Seals Tshirt

I am blogging since before lunch. I did several posts already and i think it is time for me to rest but for the last browse of my computer i found one website called usnavysealstore.com. I am touched because the navy blue t shirt for sale is cheap but half of the price is for the Warrior Defense Fund to support the three accused Navy SEALs: Petty Officer 2nd Class Matthew McCabe, Petty
Officer Jonathan Keefe and Petty Officer Julio Heurtas
. I am sure they were doing their duty for the good of the country but something happened which they are now facing in the court. They were charged unfortunately for the incidents which they believed it was a part of their duties and responsibilities as a navy man or maybe just to defense themselves. It is the court will give the verdict. However, Support Our Navy SEALs Tshirt are now online for sale, looks nice and good quality. These navies need so much our support right now. These military men, navy men, airforce or scout rangers are the one depending their countrymen. They leave their family and go to their area of duty to guard and fight for their country against enemies or terrorist. Cases like this are rear but as a human being whatever their situation now , it is time for us also to support and depend them from their personal problem. Love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Help others who are in need with our own little way. Pray for the one who needs prayer specially those who are emotionally or financially upset. We must love one another by helping.


imelda said...

i love navy seals shirt i bought one in new york last time.