Proper toys for infants

Help and encourage our infants to stimulate or enhanced their sense of touch, visual, hearing and his kinetic energy of a one year old baby (12 months old). At this stage they begin to develop problem solving although they can't think yet but in nature they start to learned objects and improved their motor development.
Provide a large crayon for drawing and blocks to arranges or disarrange.
Encourage to walk by putting in a walker several times a day
Encourage infant to push a chair or stroller around
To improved balance put her in a piggyback ride .
Encourage to walk with assistance then eventually holding only one hand.
There are more improved toys now adays at kids toys and accessories. They are expensive but it is not a problem if you can't afford to buy from those toy stores because i understand that prices of toys are like prices of gold now adays. So you don't need to buy the expensive one. There are toys in the market which are cheap as long as they are colorful, no pointed edges, soft and must be bigger than baby's mouth because babies usually swallow small objects. Toys must not painted with leads. Beware of toys which are leaded. I can't distinguish a leaded toys but i have always read from news papers and heard from tv news that there are toys colored with leaded material. These might poison an infant or babies because they always put the toys to their mouth. Just be careful of buying toys not necessarily expensive but the safe one.