My digestive system is slowing down

I had my doctor's follow up check up this afternoon. Since i feel better now, my doctor advised me to stop my medication but i am advised to continue if i feel pain again. This is my problem now because my digestive system is slowing down. I am still hoping that soon will be back to normal. This is usually the problem of old age individuals above 70 years old but i am not yet that too much old, this what makes me worried.
I have to pray more for this.


the donG said...

we will pray for you as well nanay belen. dito lang naman kami. iwas lang sa mga bawal kainin at gawin.

Lita C. Malicdem said...

Great to know you, nanaybelen. I'm past my 60's but is still coping with life's expectancies. I'll pray for your return to normal. Eat in moderation and the magic returns!