Measles outbreak in the Philippines

Four infants died of Measles as reported by the Department of Health (Philippines) yesterday. More than 300 cases from different regions of the Philippines. The Philippines is experiencing el nino and summer temperature is hitting up 40 degrees C. It maybe one factor that aggravates infants and children got easily affected or acquired the virus due to hot weather. Measles is highly contagious disease. It is caused by Virus acquired by direct contact with droplets from infected person through the respiratory route.
>koplik's spot- clustered white lesion on the buccal mucosa
>rashes appear on the second day and and maculo-popular eruption on the third or fourth day
Treatment is symptomatic. Advice patient to have bed rest, eat balance or nutritious foods, Increase fruit juices to increase the resistance of the patient and increase fluid intake it may helps to lower down high body temperature (fever). Isolate patient from other members of the family from onset of catarrh through third day rash.