Free vaccination

Department of Health Philippines is now working for nationwide vaccination of children against Measles. They are pushing through as soon as possible because it is better to immunized the children when there is no outbreaks occur in their area. They are targeting to vaccinate at least three million infants below one-year-old and another three million aged below six years old.
I hope infants in the rural areas and those less fortunate people will be reach out by those medical practitioners of the Department of Health. Reason why these babies are not vaccinated for anti measles on their 15th month because of financial reason. A normal infant or children must receives a scheduled immunizations like anti Diptheria, Pertuses, Polio, measles, mumps and tuberculoses and etc but most babies in the rural or in the urban poor area are not immunized. I am just wondering why only now the Department of Health pushes to vaccinate children when there are already so many cases.
I forgot the name of that Chairman of Dept. of Health appointed by President Cory Aquino before who also became an elected senator. His determination to vaccinate all the children for anti polio, he successfully make Philippines Polio free in his time of being the Chairman of the Department of Health after the children vaccinated without charged.


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that's a great way of minimizing level of those getting affected =)

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hindi ba si flavier yon? maganda nga ang ganyan.

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you must be referring to flavier. the cute doctor that is loved by many :)