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A stay at home mom should know everything in the house including electrical and carpentry. Now a days, simple electrical works and carpentry is very expensive if you hire someone to fix it. There is no difference between electrician, carpenter and doctor's fee now. They both demand a very high professional fee and technical fee. Why do i have to pay for simple works now. I'll do it by myself with the help of my son. I climb up on top of my house to put some seal on the leaks. I hired last year to sealed the leak but there the leak came again from the same location so i better do it by myself. My son is also interested in repairing or doing some simple carpentry job. He wanted his bedside table topped with glass material and wanted to do it by himself. He bought glass and diamond saw blade to form the glass exactly covers the top of his bedside table. I do like his finished product. His bedside table turned to an elegant bedside table. What i like to my son is not only a homebody person but loves also repairing and some carpentry jobs he wanted to improved our furniture. He always passed by hardware store and buy carpentry tools . He bought his tools one by one and others purchased by set.
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