Earchquake shook Metro Manila March 25, 2010

I was sipping my hot coffee in front of my computer when i felt my coffee is something like waving into my mouth. I put down a while the cup of coffee on the computer table. Observing closely if there is an earthquake or i just felt dizzy. If i have a dizziness i must have to secure myself because i know i have a history of hypertension. It last only a seconds or maybe one minute so i didn't bother to asked my daughter who is upstairs if she had felt something. At 5 pm one of a family friend sent me the news that there was an earthquake. I checked in the internet, Ohhh! yehhh ! It was a real earthquake !It is already in the internet that it is a 6.1 magnitude earthquake shook Metro Manila this afternoon March 25, 2010
The earthquake was felt at Intensity 4 in Quezon City and Intensity 3 in the cities of Makati and Mandaluyong.
The earthquake was strongly felt in Batangas and Mindoro but thank God! no damages reported.


burn said...

Thanks God that there is no destruction happens