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Hello friends. How's everybody doin? Hope everything fine. Yes friends economy is improving now . Maybe one of you planning to buy a new house. Do you? If you have an extra money, house and lot is still the best investment for me. House (shelter) is one of the basic need of man. If you don't own a house you obliged yourself to rent because you can not live in the street specially if you have your own family. It is a big comfy if you don't pay a rental fee every month. And if you have an extra house for rental, at least you have an income whether you work or not. The more house for rental you have, the more money you get every month. This is a sure money my dear friends! At present and in the future. A kind of investment or business which no lost and realty prices is increasing and even rental fee now adays is increasing. The earlier the better, so i rather advised you to buy realty now while you have the money instead of enjoying luxurious vacation. You can go for a vacation later if you have already a house for rental. The best thing you do is better approach licensed realty estate agents. If you are residing in Ontario, you may confide to Ontario Real Estate Agents. They are the one who could tell you the site, location and type of house you are looking for and the price suits to your budget. It is not easy to look for a house for sale by your self only. Search the website of Real Estate Locators if you want to buy home easy, safe and quick. Because this is an online destination for more homebuyers and sellers to find realtors. Their agents are experts on selling and buying including processing of transfer certificate, you you count on them because they are honest and professionals helps you to buy the best property you are aiming for.