20/20 Eye Vision

Hello friends. Do you wear eyeglasses? It is not alarming if you are age forty years old when your vision is not anymore 20/20. Because if we are getting older there is always possibility that our organs are naturally declining that includes our vision except those young age with eye disorder. My son wearing eyeglasses because his vision is not normal . He is a victim of hereditary astigmatism. He inherited the disorder from his father. But i am not worried because his eye vision is corrected with eyeglasses. Also, my vision declined at my age of thirty seven years old. I can't read anymore the news paper in the morning as i used to. My doctor diagnosed me as nearsighted. He advised me to wear eyeglasses. Eyeglasses is the only treatment to read clearly the newspaper again in the morning. He advised me to read the newspaper not too close and not too far. After prolonged reading or using a computer, advised to look at green leaves or anything dark green because this is also a treatment for eye strain. Eat balance diet and more on yellow fruits and vegetables because these foods are rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A are good for eye's health that prevents early blindness and poor vision. Blindness is a result of slight poor vision if not corrected or if not using eyeglasses per optometrist prescription.
We have only two eyes. We have to take good care for it. If your doctor said that you must wear prescription eyeglasses or reading eyeglasses you must have to wear now. Even if your eyes normal, it is also advisable to wear sunglasses for protection against strong sunrays. Not only for protection but for fashion specially that if you wear fashionable eyeglasses that suits to your attire.