The taste is better than the popular one

Hello friends. Have you ever tried testing first the stuffs or food before you buy? Last November before the Christmas, me and my son passed by the grocery store to buy some stuffs we need for the coming holidays. Inside the grocery store there were two booth installed at the left side near the entrance of the grocery. Each both represents one products for free testing. The promogirls offer the product to every customers in the grocery who passed by in that corner. but i didn't noticed the promogirls because i am focused to the stuffs written in my list that i must have to buy for home. I thought my son who was the one pushing the cart was following behind me but i just noticed no son behind me so I'll paused a while to wait for him, he might just trapped by other costumers with double carts. When he came back he's already holding a big half sliced of hotdog sandwich and telling me i can get also one from the promo girl standing at the first booth and after eating the hotdog sandwich again he went back with another small cup of juice. I don't understand how come he got the food because eating inside the grocery is prohibited. He told me that those are just only Free Samples or free taste for all customers inside the grocery so it is not prohibited to eat inside. My son looks contented, imagine he had free hotdog plus another free juice. My son looks satisfied of what he tasted not just only a taste but full snacks already and he said he's satisfied with the hotdog and recommended me the brand that i should have to buy because he said, it is tastier than the popular hotdog. He said he likes the hotdog for sandwiches and recommended that it is also good for breakfast as well specially when serve with fried rice in the morning.