Hoping for more offers....

Wow. at last ! My PPPnew version earning have already reach $50 ! I have already $54.50 earnings plus $19 pending. This is only what i earned for almost 2 months in PPP. I thought i can't complete 50$ anymore. They are different from other sponsored sites, lower price but many offers and transfer the earnings every 15 days. PPP have less offers and minimum withdrawal is $50. This is already a big bucks that will be added to my online earnings in other sponsored sites anyway. And this good enough for me and i must to thank them very very much. I hope this is just only a good start and they will give me more offers next time .
Some people, if they heard about online earning thru blogging , they conclude that it is an easy work to earn dollars. They don't realize that it needs a lot of time, patience and perseverance.


sonson said...

hi my friend, it is the beauty Bkog Really

best regard
Your Friend

analou said...

I agree that it needs a lot of hardworking and perseverance. I will cash out my PPP when it reach to 50. Right now it is 49.05.