Got offers and my post approved immediately.

I have two blogs accepted by inpostlinks almost a week now. I have started immediately reserving from their featured opportunities. I finished nine opportunities amounting $31 dollars. Their price are lower compare to version 4 and other sponsored reviews but i still accept them better than nothing. $31 dollars a week is good for me as bigenner of Inpostlinks. I found also Inpostlink very good because they immediately approved my post after submitting. I hope they will give me more offers starting today. I am always ready .


Lawstude said...

wow. great job nanay belen. earn while enjoying.

JENIE said...

congratulations! hope you can share your blessings friend by sharing how you happen to have PR4? ;) may nilalagay ka bang meta tags? something sa html? whatever?

more blessings for you dear!