Dual Diagnosis treatment in one rehab center

Drug addiction meaning is addiction to drugs specially narcotic drugs and tendency to relapsed after withdrawal. Most lives of an individuals affected when they become addicted to drugs specially adolescents. Adolescents go into drugs due to family problem when parents divorsed and no one guided them or adolescents did not received parental love. They maybe have a weaker personality that they have not cope their problem positively thus they indulges to drugs until they become addicted. But some children were addicts despite a lavished love, guidance and affection of their parents due to bad influenced of friends when they were allowed to go with friends after reaching eighteen years old.
Many young kids now are in a hurry to reach adolescent stage. It is the stage that they are waiting for, to do what they want to do. They want independence as soon as possible and rejects the assistance and advices of parents. I meet so many mothers who have teenagers if they don't allow their kids to attend a teenagers party. They nagged their mother. But if they are in the middle of the party , the peer pressure is so great that adolescent find it difficult to refuse or say "no".
They are the youth. They are supposed to be the future of the country. The government must enforced the law to prevent the selling of narcotic drugs. Parents gives proper guidance, love and affection. If these adolescents are already addicted and they need to be treated. Find the best rehabilitation centers that provides a dual diagnosis treatment. There are drug addicts turns to be violent, incoherent, depressed, no appetite to eat, insomnia and many more. These are symptoms of mental illness due to drug addiction. Parents must keep on loving these adolescents by sending to rehab centers suits to them including addiction rehabilitation and mental disorder treatment as well in one institution.
One thing important for adolescent addiction treatment is to established trust and productive relationship and let him to expressed everything in his mind and heart. Supply and support all the needs for the adolescent to give up addictive substance with the cooperation of parents. It is not easy but your unconditional love and support to your adolescents plus the proper treatment and rehabilitation rendered by the rehabilitation center is a big factor that your adolescent will be treated his mental disorder and back to his drug free life.


David said...

It is very essential to develop and maintain trust with the affected youth. A very useful post.