Best cufflinks for wedding attire...

I came from poor family, and very very simple life in a remote area. Very far from stores, no electric, no candies, no restaurants. Yes, we are eating 3 times a day, with limited stuffs LOL. I remember there was only one wedding gown and one polo and pants for the groom for all couple who get married in our town. My father was a farmer and determined to send us to school and finished college. When we were young, before going to bed my mother tell us stories. She told us stories about prince and princesses how they spend their life gorgeously and extravagantly and how those poor people live and always been poor and servants throughout their life. The rich remain rich and poor remain poor until the end of their life.
I promised to my self, i would not be always be here in our place (remote area ) and just be forever farmer like my father that there is no chance to improved their life. But my father was determined to send us to school and finished college.
I worked abroad after college. Fortunately i improved my life. I bought a house in the city before i got married. I bought some pieces of jewelries every payday until i resigned for good and went back home. When i get married my wedding gown is new and designed by a designer friend. My husband had his new stylist traditional "Barong Tagalog"designed by a popular designer of wedding attire for men. He need cuff links for his attire. He has ten cufflinks ready that he bought when he was abroad. One pair for himself, one pair for his father, one for the best man , one pair for our ringbearer and the rest are for his friends. These cufflinks are stylist and stunning sterling silver but the one he bought for himself and his father are different design from the other cufflinks. He made it sure that they are unique and engraved cufflinks to make it more memorable and sentimental on our wedding day.
Cufflinks are decorative fastener worn by men or women to fasten the two sides of the cuff on a polo, dress , shirts or blouse. There are numerous styles including novelty cufflinks,
traditional cufflinks, contemporary cufflinks, utility cufflinks or humorous cufflinks. They are very useful and fashionable.


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