Beautiful Fire Pit

I am now living here in the city for almost thirty years now. I left the province since i was fifteen years old. My memories there are still fresh to remember. I missed the fresh fruits and vegetables, the firefly in the night, the morning dews, breeze cold by the fresh air. I can't imagine, how the temperature woke up us to the cold morning when temperature is ten degrees Celcius lower than in the city. I will never forget those days when my father made bonfire under the mango tree in our backyard very early in the morning to warm ourselves and take the opportunity to drink coffee, chat each other and my two brothers playing playcard while my father roast something over the bonfire to eat for breakfast. It was a great memories of looking back about the bonfire but here's another experience using firepit right now featured in the internet. They are made out of bronze.They are easily and conveniently transported to which place you want to and huge designs are there to choose from that suits to your house' decoration and style. Bronze are strong metal, hard and durable, which are good for weapons, armor, and various building materials like decorative fire pit, other tools and sculptures. So, if fire pit is made out of bronze is 100% safe. It holds heated charcoal even for a long period. They are really beautiful fire pit and i am personally amazed. I want to buy one and bring to our province ( my folks place) for our upcoming family reunion. At least before my old folks go to heaven, they may experienced using beautiful fire pit.