Be Alert on Bad Hair

One of an asset to be looks glamorous and neat person is to have a healthy hair. It should be shinny, no falling hair, no dryness and no split ends. Our hair is made up of 13% water. When the hair is dry, it means it loses its ability to stretch.
Make it a habit to minimize hair damage such as split ends and dryness by taking a break from hair blowers. The hotter hair blower the more it damages your hair. You must remember that drying hair by airing is the best. Moisturizer shampoos and conditioners could help and readily available in the market .
Women who are on crash dieting to lost weight or reduce excess fats could also affects hair. It causes falling hair and thinning of hair. The most sensible approach to weight reduction is to Increase exercise level and reduce calorie intake to reduce your weight. This is a healthier approached to reduce weight that does not affects your hair.
If you have a sudden falling hair, better consult a doctor it maybe one of a symptoms of a disease.